Brooklyn Pharmacy History

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Brooklyn pharmacy is one of the oldest independents in Oregon, opening in 1897. Over 125 years ago! There have been 5 owners in Brooklyn's lifetime. A partnership between Paul Brinkman and Mr. Siebert, from 1897 to 1964. When the pharmacy was located at the am/pm gas station. Soon after Russ Miller and Mike Dardis bought Brooklyn in 1964, moving the location to where the Rose City coffee shop is currently located. Mike Dardis would later take over Brooklyn in 1970, staying in the same location until 1992. Where he would move Brooklyn to its current location to 3131, sharing the same block as the Aladdin theater. Brooklyn pharmacy has always been a family pharmacy since its creation, Mike would have all of his kids and grandchildren work/help in the pharmacy. Mike's youngest daughter Kelly McAlbin, has worked the longest in the pharmacy. In total 30 years, working as a technician/clerk for 5 years. As a pharmacist for over 25 years. Mike's grandson Alec McAlbin (Kelly's Son), has also been working/helping at Brooklyn for over 10 years. Pat Hubbell and his wife Kim Hubbell bought the pharmacy in 2017, having his family help/work at the pharmacy with Kelly and Alec. After Pat and Kim took over the pharmacy, they added new services like; deliveries, immunizations, compounding (pet & human), and a variety of new otc products! Also getting a much-needed remodel that took over a year to finish (2017-2018). Brooklyn has always been involved in the neighborhood and community. Currently partnering with others to raise money through a bottle drive for the local Brooklyn Park! In 2021 during the pandemic, Brooklyn introduced its first Therapy K9 (Hal). If you want to know more about Brooklyn pharmacy or want to keep up-to-date, follow the links below.

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