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Having a hard time reading the tiny print on your prescription labels? Or do you have a friend or family member with a visual impairment? We have a solution. At no cost to you, we offer ScripTalk Talking Prescription Labels.

ScripTalk can tell you what’s in your medication bottle, who prescribed it, correct dosage, possible side effects and more. And remember it’s FREE! You can download the FREE ScripTalk App Today to access all this vital prescription label.

Call 503-234-8348 today or visit us to learn more.

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    Need a bit of extra help with your medications? If you, a friend, or family member has a visual impairment or has trouble reading the small print on prescription labels, we’re here to help. At no cost to you, Brooklyn Pharmacy offers ScripTalk Talking Labels. By using a free Mobile App or a ScripTalk Station Reader (on loan for free), this system will read all your vital prescription label information out loud to you.

    Learn how these can help you today and call us at 503-234-8348 to sign up.

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    Dual Language Prescription Labels

    Brooklyn Pharmacy now offers Dual Language Prescription Labels to ensure your medication safety and independence. These labels are available free of charge for patients who are more comfortable speaking and reading their native tongue. The label features both English and a second language of the patient’s choice. Many languages are available.

    If you, a family member, or a friend could benefit from these dual language labels, please contact Brooklyn Pharmacy today at 503-234-8348 to learn how we can help.